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              Welcome to our new site!  You'll see a LOT of changes around here in the next few weeks, so stop by for continued updates. We will have monthly UPDATES once the site is completed. Some parts of the site are still under construction, and we're working hard to get it all up and running.  Be on the lookout for TONS of new animals, new photos & new surprises!!!  In the mean time, stop and browse the WEB-SITE and enjoy my fellow Animal lovers!

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              Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is a combination of our own experience together with the results of widespread research we have conducted on the Internet and from books. Unfortunately, there are so many sources we have utlised that it is impossible to list or thank them all individually or by name, but we would like to applaud all those who have been there before us and written or put together such a vast fund of information, both basic and advanced, from which we have been able to draw. Any errors or omissions - although we hope there won't be any - are purely ours!